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Physical Education

Physical Education focusses on the movement skills, concepts and strategies that enable students to confidently, competently and creatively participate in a range of physical activities. Learning through movement provides students with opportunities to acquire, practise and refine personal, behavioural, social and cognitive skills that contribute to personal health and wellbeing. The knowledge, behaviours and skills developed through PE provide the foundation for lifelong participation in physical activity and provides students the opportunity to positively influence their own and others health and wellbeing.

Our specialist PE teacher provides developmentally appropriate and sequential lessons that include a variety of pedagogical approaches including, game sense, Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Model, and Critical and Creative thinking through the STEM design thinking approach with an aim of maximum individual participation.

The Game Sense approach develops the in depth meaning of sport and physical activity as it concentrates on developing the skill of thinking through problem solving utilising physical activity (Shane Pill, 2014) The game sense approach is completely student centred, which allows students to develop their problem solving, thinking and understanding skills while still being fully involved in the game.

Each child sets personalised learning goals and uses questioning to self-reflect and provide peer feedback and feedforward to clarify meaning and set direction as to where to next with their own learning. Empowering students to be at the centre of their learning.

The Physical Education program supports SAPSASA and carnivals.