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At What Age Will My Child Start School?

Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) will adopt ‘The Same Day Start’ policy in 2014 with children starting school at the beginning of the year if they have their fifth birthday before May 1st of the same year.  Children who turn 5 years old on or after May 1st will start school at the beginning of the following year. Although it is not a common practice, children do not need to commence school until they are 6 years old. Exactly when to start can vary to suit the academic, social, physical and emotional needs of individuals. We encourage you to discuss readiness with Kindergarten/Pre-school Directors and our Principal. Children have different learning needs and we must be flexible to suit individuals. Early entry may be negotiated for children assessed as gifted, under the Guardianship of the Minister or if they are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Visiting the School

We encourage you to visit the school before your child is ready to start. We organise school tours on a regular basis each term. Many parents go to a number of schools before determining the school which best fits their children’s needs. The State System offers a consistent curriculum including – English, Mathematics, Society & Environment, Health & Physical Education, Technology, Science and Languages Other Than English. Schools vary in size and offer slightly different emphasis in specialist areas. e.g. Music, Art and other languages may be offered as specialist programs. Please phone our school to make an appointment to see the outstanding programs we provide. We can give you more detailed information about the school and answer general questions you may have as we discuss your child’s needs.

When Do I Enrol My Child?

To assist us in the planning and organisation of classes please enrol your child prior to or soon after they begin Pre-School. We prefer to know earlier so that we can cater for the Transition Program from Kindergarten to School. They generally attend for full days right from the start. You are encouraged though to monitor and respond to their levels of tiredness. If they are getting very tired, you need to collect your child early or give them a day at home to ensure a positive school experience. We encourage you to do this and inform the class teacher. Attitudes towards school develop early-children need to have positive experiences from the start.

Will My Child Have the Opportunity to Visit the School Before Actually Starting?

Yes, this is our Transition Program.

During the term prior to beginning school you and your child will receive a letter inviting you to attend on a number of occasions. These generally occur in weeks 7, 8 and 9 of term 4. Times and class information is given in the invitation. On the first visit there is a parent meeting shortly after leaving your child in the classroom. The purpose of the meeting is for parents to hear general information about the school followed by a school tour if not already done so. The children will be invited to visit the classroom on at least three occasions where they will familiarise themselves with school routines such as:

Ongoing communication between School and Kindergarten supports transition for children. A summative report from the kindergarten will be given to the school about each child (with parental permission) to assist in the transition process. What can I do To Help My Child Have a Successful Start?

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